SO pleased and honored to have the lovely and talented Julia Haw in for a photo shoot today!
She's an incredible artist out of Chicago, USA, and we highly encourage you to do yourself a favor and    check out her work .

The weather was perfect, and so is her modeling :)
Below you'll find a sampling of the items we'll have available in the shop, with photos by Victor Vague.

{ heavily beaded satin two piece, 1940s. }

{ navy blue rayon dress, 1940s. }

{ amazing opera coat, 1950s. }

{ awesome fur hat with enormous flaps, 1960s. }

{ black rayon maxi with sharkbite and beaded detail, 1930s, }

{ polka dot dress with matching jacket, 1960s. }

{ the best sun hat! 1940s. } 

{ fuzzy faux leopard fur jacket, 1970s. }

{ racoon fur coat, 1960s. }

{ plaid two piece, 1960s. }

{ great bucket cloche in mustard, 1960s. }

{ amazingly embroidered silk blouse, 1920s. } 

{ vintage Chic jeans, 1970s. }

{ sweet hooded suede jacket with lambswool, 1960s. }

{ and 1930s satin pajamas straight from Asia! }